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“ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT… you gonna learn today”


Personal TRAINING sessions

$250 per hour

Most wedding photographers don’t have a hard time being inspired. There are workshops that can leave them inspired, FaceBook groups, other photographers Instagram accounts, etc… They have a hard time knowing what to do with the inspiration to make it more then just a hobby and make it a career. They struggle to find their identity as a photographer and the proper steps to make things happen! We want to be a resource for new aspiring photographers as well as photographers who just need to figure certain things out. 

$850 per Day

  1. Full Day of Coaching with a complete breakdown on how we interact with couples and how we tackle a wedding day
  2. Lunch Provided
  3. Live Shoot Included
  4. Edit and critique of images from the Live Shoot


The heights Coaching Network

The Heights Coaching Network is a mentorship program focused on helping photographers find themselves as creatives and professionals. We want to inspire you, but also spend some time walking you through important things to make this more than just a passion, but your career. We will start with going through your portfolio, finding things that work and are not working, and create short-term and long-term goals. Our goal is to invest in photographers and videographers and help them build a name and brand for themselves that last. We want to invest our time and experience in helping you take your business to the next level.

The coaching network is a 3 month program consisting of:

1 hour in person or google hangout session every other week covering the following topics:  

  • Finding your identity
  • Knowing your audience
  • Building a brand that works for your identity and audience
  • Investing in your brand (time and money)
  • Consistent look (Editing and how you present yourself)
  • Connecting with couples
  • Building confidence
  • Contracts
  • Workflow
  • How to handle the unexpected (displeased clients, contract issues, momzillas, etc…)
  • Discussing in more detail the topics covered in our google hangout
  • Having conversations based off of each photographer’s current needs
  • Helping you draw closer to your short-term and long-term goals

Cost: $1,500

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One on One Mentorship

The Heights Coaching Network