There have been some changes in The Portos Team when it comes to videography. To read the full story please click here.

For those who want the short synopsis, keep reading.

As the team has grown, the focus has shifted and a higher emphasis has been placed on giving our couples the best photography experience possible. Though both are mutually important, our brand had to make some necessary changes to make sure our couples received the best work we could give. For a season, we brought on the talented Dan Farias to be our main videographer and we (Phil and Christa) would continue to edit and deliver the final product. Though this was a great fit, we still felt like video was not going to get the full attention it deserved. Moving forward, we will no longer have Dan shooting under The Portos brand but instead will empower him to continue to build his own brand, All In White Films. We are still offering Wedding Photo and Video Packages but, we have formed a partnership with All In White. This benefits our couples because they still get a team that works fluidly together and have similar styles, but they are able to have a videographer who solely focuses on that particular art form. Any good leader is able to admit when the student has surpassed the teacher and Dan has done that. His work is incredible and his passion for what he does is unmatched. 

The hiring process will still be exactly the same. Can you hire the Portos for photography and someone other than Dan for video? Of course. However, we highly recommend hiring the photo and video package in order to get a team that works seamlessly together. 

Here are some All In White highlight and full feature videos.