Coronavirus Guide

First, let us assure you that we are in your corner. It breaks our hearts that you even have to consider rescheduling a day that means so much to you guys. We are doing all we can to protect our couples, protect our team members, and sustain our company in this unfortunate time. This is something none of us could have anticipated, but together we can get through it.

Our contract does state that any reschedules will have to pay a rescheduling fee. We have been and will continue waiving that fee for any couple who can not have their wedding due to their state/counties gathering restrictions. The contract also states the new date must be within 6 months, however, the Portos are also waiving that part of the contract for any couple who can not have their wedding due to their state/counties gathering restrictions.

There are a few guidelines in the rebooking process:

  1. We do not have any Saturday availability for reschedules at this time. Saturdays are how our team provides for their families and with limited Saturday availability for 2020 and 2021, we do not have the means to give the last few Saturdays we have available, towards reschedules. Our teams would not be able to provide for their families and we would not be able to keep the business running. Please understand that that this would be $4000+ taken off the plate for the team. Also, our team members each take on 12-15 weddings per year, in order to give our couples the best experience. They are adding to that load in late 2020 and 2021 to accommodate reschedules, however, they can not replace those 12-15 with reschedules, leaving them without income. We do have weekdays, Fridays, and a very few Sundays available. If a couple needs their wedding on a Saturday, we would have to charge the rescheduling fee and the change in rate fee, per service.
  2. Prior to booking a new date we do need you to confirm with us that our team is available. It is understood that with rescheduling, the same Porto team member may not be available, but the Portos team will still be capturing the wedding.
  3. If the couple insists on a date that no member of the Portos team can accommodate the couple may:
    1. Cancel the contract and forfeit payments made or
    2. Have the Portos hire another company in the industry, as a subcontractor, to represent them for the new date chosen.
  4. Final payment is still due 30 days prior to the original wedding date.
    1. Why? Well, this will affect our team financially well into 2021. In order to make sure you still have a photographer for your wedding day, we still have to collect those payments. We can not assign a new date without that being part of the agreement.
    2. We have already rescheduled many weddings, into next year, and this is just the start of it. This will continue to affect us as a team.

If a couple is not facing guideline restrictions but still wants to reschedule, we can still reschedule but we would have to adhere to contract restrictions. There would be rescheduling fee and the change in rate fee, per service provided.

What if we still want to have our wedding but it violates state/city regulations?

You are welcome to do so, however, the Portos would not be able to photograph your event as it goes against the allotted guidelines. We will be adhering to all guidelines, protecting our families, and our couples. If you do make this choice, your payments will not be refunded, however, we will allow this to go as credit for a future event, wedding portraits, family portraits, etc…

Once again, please know we are for you guys. We would have never signed up to be your photographers if we were not. We value you guys and we hope we can make this painful time a little easier for one another.