Depending on who you ask will determine the answer that you receive. In our years of being in the industry, we have heard it all. Whether it be from other vendors or family members, we have been giving praise but we have also seen the ugly side of demeaning remarks. From caterers who try to […]

Though we LOVE portrait time where we get to capture real moments and make our couples look and feel like superstars there is one part of the day we love even more. THE PARTY! The reception is the time of day where the couple has already experienced and moved past their nerves, the stress of […]

When it comes to planning your wedding, we always encourage couples to go out with a bang! Think about it, the first time the bride walks into the ceremony, it is a big deal and everyones attention is on her and the whole crowd is on their feet. In the same way when your favorite […]

One thing we tend to read a lot in our inquiries is “we are not a traditional couple and that is what drew us to your work”. I used to rejoice when I read those words, but as of late, I started to question my reasoning behind my rejoicing. We used to say boldly, “We […]