Sometimes wedding planning can be so much fun and some times it can get very stressful. For instance, when you have your perfect backyard “Gatsby Style” wedding planned in Tampa and then have to scrap your plans and start all over and move the event to Ft. Lauderdale, that can be stressful. Michelle and Brett […]

Fuji?! Really?

Nov 8, 2016

  Christa and I have been Canon shooters for a long time. It was a beautiful relationship. When Fuji Released the X-T1, the look and size of the camera really intrigued us, so we placed an order on B&H immediately. Upon receiving it, we enjoyed it; however, it did not have the speed or focus we […]

The Portos are always intentional about the couples and weddings we photograph each year. We want to make sure that this never becomes about monetary gain, but a true connection with the bride and groom. When we met with Alex and Michelle, that connection was instant and we were counting down the days until we […]



Shooting Jen + Jon was like hanging out with old high-school friends that you’ve re-united with after years. However, we had never hung out with them before. We loved their punk rock/indie record store/Williamsburg shoot. We ended the shoot taking photos at the very spot Jon proposed.    Esther + Dane are hilarious. Esther showed […]