what we

- Traveling – We crave the excitement of going somewhere we’ve never been and killing it!

- Adventurous brides and grooms – give us something outside of the parameters of the usual wedding traditions and we will swoon. Warning: Trespassing may happen!

- Golden Hour! Love the way we use light in our photos? That’s the key. Trust us!

- Happy tears and ugly cries ALL DAY!


- Brides & Grooms who have prioritized photo and video over an expensive cake, caterer, or floral arrangements. Don’t get us wrong, those things are all important and will add to the beauty of what we do, but only the photos & video will last a lifetime.


what we don’t give a 

- Pinned poses! We like posing couples based off who they are and having natural moments, not whats “popular” on Pinterest. We want couples to be themselves on their wedding day and not feel like they have to nail a certain "pose" they saw online.

- Wedding professionals who are care more about their agenda then about the bride & groom! It’s about you guys, not us!

- Walmart at night. It’s not safe, people!

- Drunk & belligerent bridal parties. Have some drinks, feel free to give us some, just don’t go all Joe Pesci in Casino on us.