Are we just “hired help”?

May 19, 2020

Depending on who you ask will determine the answer that you receive. In our years of being in the industry, we have heard it all. Whether it be from other vendors or family members, we have been giving praise but we have also seen the ugly side of demeaning remarks.

From caterers who try to refuse food service at our contracted time, to family members who tell us we have no say in what happens, we have seen it all. However, through the years we have come to one conclusion, we are not in this business for any other reason then to love our clients well, and that is what we are going to.

If there is one thing we do rejoice in, is that 95% of the couples we work with, see the heart we have for them and they reciprocate what they receive from us. We build relationship with our couples. They are not a credit card number and they are not a wedding date. They are two stories that are now becoming one story and they have invited us in to capture that union. We do not take that lightly. Therefore, in order to capture that story, we need to build relationship. It is through relationship that trust is built and on the wedding day, regardless of how everyone else sees us, our couples see us as friends and they trust us to guide them to have the best wedding day ever. And that is what we do.

Some people may see what we do as overkill. Why make schedules for the couples? Why the constant communication? Why the suggestion of vendors? Why the constant assistance when things go wrong on the wedding day? Because this is not just a job. We care for our couples and we want to make sure their day is perfect, even if that causes some outsiders to see us in a light that they may not be fond of. Our couples trust us and we will handle that with care in every situation.

So should a photographer voice opinions and step in? I will let you decide by reading these reviews.

Catherine + Nicholas:

“We had issues with our trolley driver heading over the bridge the wrong way and we ended up in NJ and we were stuck on it for over an hour and half. Angela kept calm the whole time and was quick to offer solutions for the photo process. I ended up being late to the wedding and right after mass we quickly gathered the crew to get over to the zoo. Angela did such a fantastic job of dealing with a time crunch and rowdy crew. So many people also said this about her… The way she was so calm and positive was truly amazing!”

Alaina + James:

Alaina and James chose Liberty Warehouse as their venue for the industrial look and the beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty at their ceremony location. The day was beautiful and the view was everything they wanted, until the weather took a turn for the worst mid ceremony. As the decision was moved inside was made, Brandon knew how much the view meant to them, so he suggested they did their first kiss outside before moving the ceremony into the reception hall. They kissed and it was beautiful. The skies cleared for a few short moments so Brandon suggested they sneak out and get some photos highlighting the view before it got too dark. They did and the couple was beyond ecstatic. “If you’re looking for a team that is honest, cares about YOU, and wants to give you the best photos and experience, all stress-free, you are looking for The Portos!”

Van and Marcus: From their original NY wedding location to their new location Chicago, Phil was alongside Van and Marcus throughout a stressful decision. Once the day came, it had challenges but with the relationship built, the day was beautiful regardless of the obstacles faced. “Throughout our wedding day itself, he took charge and helped us get all of the shots we wanted. We always felt raw and natural with him – never awkward and artificially posed. The very next day, he sent a preview of a few photos for us, so we didn’t have to wait weeks to get our first peek. Perhaps most importantly, he went above and beyond to share with us lessons and wisdoms from his own marriage and relationship with his wife Christa. We truly felt he was invested in us beyond our wedding day or the 9 hour block he was with us, and that he cared about our marriage and our relationship.”

All this to say, photographers step in there and fight for your couples! Couples, hire photographers who will fight for you and whom you can trust so that you do not feel like you are fighting to be heard on your wedding day. Let the Porto’s have your back! That’s what we do.

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