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Mar 4, 2020

When creating a top 8, myspace throwback, we always want to make sure we clarify that these are NOT the only wedding venues we enjoy to shoot. There are so many amazing venues that we have had the honor of photographing in. When we highlight our top 8, we are solely showcasing 8 venues that have been a pleasure to work with time and time again. Also, when choosing these 8 venues we are not just picking a building or a delightful staff but also the surrounding areas that we have enjoyed capturing our amazing couples in. These are also in no specific order.

1. the Metropolitan Building

One thing we love about the Metropolitan Building is its attention to details. Every room is a photographers playground. From the furniture, to the walls, and most importantly the lighting. Many venues offer a great ceremony or reception location, but finding a venue that allows the bride and groom to get ready where the lighting and decor are top notch, is rare. Another highlight is since the venue is visually appealing from top to bottom and has incredible lighting, on a rainy day, you can still create portrait magic for the couple in doors. On a non rainy day, it is also dead center of so many NY streets that are full of character.

2. the Brooklyn Winery

There are many things you can not rely on in this industry, however, one constant is that when shooting at the Brooklyn Winery, you know there is potential for a portfolio wedding. The building is simple yet beautiful. It is the type of venue that you do not need to invest a ton of time and money on for your decor because the building and decor that is already there is spot on. Another highlight, it’s a winery! One thing many venues miss is backlighting during ceremonies, but the Brooklyn Winery has even thought of that and has non-distracting curtains behind the couple to keep it from being washed out. THANK YOU! Lastly, you’re in Williamsburg. You do not have to be concerned with location scouting when you are in one of the most photogenic areas of Brooklyn. Each corner is filled with potential photo magic if the photographer uses his/her surroundings correctly.

3.Wave Hill Public Gardens

The next venue we will highlight has less of an urban/city vibe to it, but is undeniably one of the most beautiful places within the city. Located in the Bronx, Wave Hill Public Gardens is a beautiful outdoor venue with the most breathtaking views, greenery, and jaw dropping greenhouses. Just like the Metropolitan Building, it also has beautiful lighting inside to be able to capture the bride and grooms prep so that multiple locations are not necessary.

4. Greenpoint Loft

There is nothing better then wood, brick, city views, and local street art. Greenpoint Loft has all these things and more. After shooting certain venues a multiple of times, you can feel like you are just reproducing what you have already done. With a venue like Greenpoint Loft you can continue to switch it up and make magic. Also, lighting for days! With some industrial venues you lose out on the beauty of natural light but Greenpoint Loft doesn’t just offer sources of natural lighting, it offers flattering sources of natural light.

5. the Foundry

The Foundry is the definition of urban meets nature. Located in the heart of Long Island City you find multiple brick buildings covered in greenery. It is a wedding photography gold mine. Whether your ceremony is held in the Main Space, the Courtyard, the Greenhouse, or the Albra Room, this venue sets you up for success. Another highlight is that Plan B is as great as plan A. If your ceremony was scheduled to take place outside and the rain spoils the plans, you are not left with a mediocre back up plan, but a beautiful backdrop to still give you the wedding of your dreams. Last thing to highlight is that with the property and neighboring street being so beautiful, there really is no need to walk for long periods of time to find the perfect back drop for your bridal portraits.

6. 501 Union

Located in the heart of Brooklyn you will find a classic car restoration shop dating back to 1916 that has been transformed into the perfect mid-century modern event space. This venue is filled with character and a staff that is a delight to work with. Sometimes when choosing a venue, less is more. It does not offer as many rooms as other venues, but the ones that it does offer are all you need. Also, location location location. Every block that surrounds 501 Union screams, “This is New York”.

7. Wythe Hotel

One phrase sums up the Wythe Hotel, One Stop Shop. Having a venue where you can get ready in a well lit hotel room that is visually stunning, have a beautiful ceremony, enjoy beautiful NYC views, and be within a few feet of the best photo spots in Brooklyn is a complete win. The hotel has also been nothing short of accommodating to us every time that we have shot there. You get to also enjoy the beautiful brick with either perfect natural lighting or ambient string lights. We would shoot this venue again and again.

8. Liberty Warehouse

What is cooler than getting married in a stunning brick warehouse on the water? How about the Statue of Liberty being in the background? Liberty Warehouse is located in Brooklyn, so its surrounding streets still have that NYC character, but the water view for a ceremony is one that dreams are made of. There is no shortage of picturesque locations for the couples getting ready moments until their final exit.



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