“It’s like raiiiiiiiiin….”

May 26, 2017

…on your wedding day.” Isn’t it ironic? No, not really, but it is unfortunate. When dreaming of your wedding day, rain clouds and flooded streets are not typically what you envision. However, this should not rain on your parade.

Here are a few tips to couples and photographers/videographers.

For Couples:

  1. When hiring your photographer make sure they are seasoned in working in various situations. Though we dream of the sun and perfect overcast portraits, that is not always the case and experience is important.
  2. Build a relationship with your photographer/videographer before the big day! Trusting your photo and video team is crucial. Trust is earned, so build that trust prior to your wedding day.
  3. BE FLEXIBLE! If you trust your photographer, be flexible. Schedules are great but when weather is unpredictable, it is important to be flexible and adjust where needed. You may have not wanted to do a first look but if its the only way to get beautiful photos, it may be best to consider it.
  4. Get some fashionable umbrellas. They look soooooo sick in photos.
  5. Do not get discouraged. Certain things are out of your control and if you allow it to shake you up, it will show throughout all your photo/video content and it will also put a damper on all the other amazing parts of your day. So in the words of the homegirl TSWIFT, “shake it off, I shake it off!”

For Photographers + Videographers:

  1. Gain experience! If you do not know that you can handle a wedding day that will throw the stormy weather curve ball, continue to second shoot and gain wisdom from someone seasoned in the industry. Do not take chances with a couples wedding day! It is not your time to test the waters…. like what I did there?
  2. Know your camera. In the middle of a rain storm is not the time to have to continue looking down at your camera to make sure you are doing things right. Couples going out in the rain should not have to do so for long periods of time. Go out, kill it, and get them back inside!
  3. Build a relationship with your couple. Yes, we are all busy, but you can not expect trust to just be gifted to you. They will need someone to rely on in these situations and it should be you!
  4. Look for pockets of time where the sky clears up! There are amazing apps like Weatherbug and Accuweather that will allow you to look for clear skies. Even if its 10-15 minutes, if you have built the trust with the couple, you can suggest to move things around so that 10-15 minutes can be used to capture bride and groom portraits.
  5. Remember to educate your couple! Share with them your thoughts on what is best to do. However, accept their decision. Do not force them into anything. Forcing them to do what you want is not ok. However, even worse would be not to say anything at all and leave them with regret! Some couples would rather have wet feet then sacrifice their beautiful photos!


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