Brett and Michelle | Fort Lauderdale Gatsby Wedding

Apr 5, 2017

Sometimes wedding planning can be so much fun and some times it can get very stressful. For instance, when you have your perfect backyard “Gatsby Style” wedding planned in Tampa and then have to scrap your plans and start all over and move the event to Ft. Lauderdale, that can be stressful. Michelle and Brett took the situation by the horns and turned it into their dream wedding. 

We hoped on a flight to South Florida and we were so stoked on how the day turned out. The weather was beautiful, moments such as when Michelle’s father signed to her his reaction to seeing her for the first time, Michelle’s mom signing to dad the words of the Father and Daughter Dance, Brett’s father’s band tearing up the stage, their friends and family burning up the dance floor, and just the love between Michelle and Brett made this a wedding day for the books. 



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