Alex and Michelle’s NJ Wedding

Oct 25, 2016

The Portos are always intentional about the couples and weddings we photograph each year. We want to make sure that this never becomes about monetary gain, but a true connection with the bride and groom. When we met with Alex and Michelle, that connection was instant and we were counting down the days until we could capture their wedding. 

The wedding day was everything we had hoped it would be. Two awesome people truly in love and ready to celebrate with their closest friends and family. We normally suggest an un-plugged ceremony (phones, cameras, and tablets shut off) so that no moments are missed. One thing you will notice, though, is we took several pictures of an iPad in the front row. Michelle has always been close to her grandmother, but her grandmother was sick and could not attend the wedding. Luckily, the iPad and Facetime allowed Grandma to be front row next to grandpa, watching the whole ceremony! 

From the laughs during prep, the excitement of the first look, the signing of the Ketubah, the traditional elements of the ceremony, and the big party – this wedding was one for the books. 





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