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Nov 9, 2015

We’ve got some exciting news, which some of you may already know thanks to that (not so) perfectly timed Facebook notification. When The Stone Axe Creative began it was I, Phil, and two friends who were going to start the business. We had discussed covering a wide range of media: music photo and video, corporate photo and video, and wedding photo and video. Right before the papers were signed to officially start “The Stone Axe Creative” both of my friends/partners had to step out (amicably) for different reasons. At that time, Christa asked if I could teach her what I knew and she would step in and assist until I found the right people to bring on board. 

As we began to shoot together, I started to see how quickly Christa picked up the craft and the excellent work that she was putting out. I also realized how awesome it was to have my wife by my side while doing what I loved. She brought a different point of view to the equation. She saw things that I necessarily wasn’t looking at or for. We both realized how much we loved working with brides and grooms and how we wanted to focus our attention fully on them. We found ourselves wanting to get to know our couples and having them get to know us. 

So, we began to reconsider the focus behind The Stone Axe Creative. As we were thinking about what we wanted to project through our work, we were having really constructive conversations with our good friends, Jon and Brittani Hon. We came to the realization that The Stone Axe Creative was Phil’s vision, not Phil’s and Christa’s collective vision. Christa had no attachment to the name or branding whatsoever. We’ve decided to update our name and branding to reflect something that resembles us as a husband and wife tag-team, so we decided to use our last name: The Portos! Phil will continue to do some music videos and corporate videos under the title of The Stone Axe Creative and Christa will continue to do Birth Photography under a different name and branding that will represent that vein of her work well. 

Our main focus will continue to be the couples that we are so blessed to get to know and we hope that you are as excited as we are! 

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