Will + Courtney | Bradenton | Wedding

Jul 6, 2015

“Love is a game that two can play and both win” -Eva Gabor

Some people just should not play matchmaker. On the other hand, some are really good at it. A mutual friend introduced Courtney and Will, almost 5 years ago, they hit it off instantly and have been together since. The weather on their wedding day was perfectly created to match their love. Bright and Peaceful. 

When we delivered the final photos to Courtney she replied, “It’s crazy how much emotion you and Christa can capture with a camera lens.” Though we are thankful for the compliment, our lenses can only capture what is truly there. In this case, we were able to capture a love that will last a lifetime. 

Visit http://thestoneaxecreative.pass.us/courtneyandwill/   to see their entire collection!



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