Photographer Meet Up | Grand Rapids | Michigan

May 7, 2015

 Photo by Ryan Inman

Photo by Ryan Inman

A few months ago we were honored to meet a very talented photographer from Grand Rapids, named Ryan Inman. He was part of a Tampa Photographer Meet Up that our friend Savannah organized. Ryan quickly became a friend and we could not wait until our paths crossed again. 

This past weekend I, Phil, was able to travel to Rockford, Michigan to shoot a wedding, so Ryan and I planned a photographer meet up in Grand Rapids. It was truly an incredible time. Each and every photographer that I was able to meet was so welcoming and made my experience there such a delight. It was an afternoon filled with creative photographers, amazing models, sand dunes, city life, prisms, forests, and MADCAP Coffee. What else could you ask for?

I truly look forward to visiting again and continuing to build with my new friends on a professional and personal level. Here are some of my images from the get-together. Also, check out all the amazing photographer’s links at the end of the post. And if you are ever in Grand Rapids, GO TO MADCAP!

Ryan Inman

Paige Gabert

Rachel Kaye

Sydney Marie

Tifani Lyn

Dionel Marie

Kelli Putmon



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