Nick + Jenna | Tampa | Proposal

Apr 29, 2015

“I looked down, saw you had a drink and it was almost empty. I remember asking if could buy you one, to which you said ‘no’…”

This was the start of Nick & Jenna’s story. When Nick first saw Jenna his jaw hit the floor, kind of like a scene from a 90’s cartoon. He knew he had to talk to her so, when he noticed her drink was almost empty, he offered to buy her another. That’s when he heard the word that no man ever wants to hear when approaching a woman: “NO”! It was like a Rocky Balboa punch to the stomach, it took the wind right out of him. But then he heard the words he will never forget, “but that doesn’t mean you have to leave.” It ended up being that she was the driver for the night and her empty glass was once filled with water. They continued to talk and that was the start of Nick knowing that Jenna would play a major role in his life.

It was coming up to their one year anniversary when Nick reached out to us to record a proposal video. On their actual anniversary, Nick lead Jenna out to the water where a projector was set up with the proposal video. Christa and I were on the cameras and Nick’s sister Darian was ready to play an original song if Jenna said yes. With joy painted all over her face, Jenna responded with a “yes”. They kissed, the locals at the pool cheered, and Darian began to sing and strum her guitar as Nick and Jenna danced into the next stage of their relationship. 



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