Nick + Courtney | St. Petesburg | Wedding

Apr 25, 2015

“And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways….”

Sometimes love just finds you in the weirdest places. For some people, 688 Skatepark in Clearwater, Florida was a smelly, poorly kept skate park/music venue. It was packed with un-showered skaters, loud bands, and concert-goers. However, for Courtney & Nick, thats where their love story began. They met at a Red Baron show, which oddly enough, was my old band. Their interest in music, the straightedge lifestyle, and their outlook on life quickly made them inseparable. After eight years of dating and 620 steps to the top of a church in Capo d’Orlando, Sicily, Nick proposed to Courtney at the church his great-great-grandfather got married in.  

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. It was a gorgeous day at the Hollis Garden in Lakeland, Florida. Everyone in attendance knew it was “just a matter of time” until these two tied the knot. Smiles, tears, dancing, smoke bombs, & tributes to Italy all contributed to the first page of their new chapter in life. 



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