“You know when you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Mar 11, 2015

That beautiful quote above was made by an intelligent man. A doctor who had a way with words. His name was Dr. Seuss. Though mostly known for his literary works directed towards children, statements like these showed how powerful love truly is. Though Seuss was a man who was truly influenced by his imagination, he realized that even the most amazing stories we can dream up or create, pale in comparison to the reality of true love. 

I met with Tiffany & CJ early on a Saturday morning and, though I did not know much about them, I could easily sense that they were in love. They met a few years ago via Facebook (yes, Facebook is more than a platform to play Farmville and post political rants). They then ran into each other at a local bar. Tiffany had to rush off, leaving CJ unaware of where she went. They decided to link up a few weeks later, began to consume each other’s cell phone minutes, and have not spent a day apart since then. 

I enjoyed how natural it was for them to smile at each other and get lost in each other’s eyes (wow, how very Nicholas Sparks of me). I truly look forward to the next chapter of their journey and being a part of their big day next June! 





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